Benedict Cumberbatch In Flip Flops, Ladies

Well? Ladies? You OK? Let’s do a quick head count and make sure everyone is still with us. This is why we use the buddy system! Poor ladies. You can’t catch a break! First the glass ceiling and now Benedict Cumberbatch wearing flip flops. At least The Heat made 40 million dollars. Benedict Cumberbatch knows that he is famous now, right? Like, his agent told him that the TV show he filmed has finally aired, and that the Star Trek movie he filmed is now in theaters? Someone should tell him. Because Benedict Cumberbatch somehow not realizing that he is famous now is the only explanation for Benedict Cumberbatch going out in public dressed like he’s heading for the dorm showers. Come on, man. I would say “come on, man” even if you weren’t Benedict Cumberbatch. You could be some dude walking into the dollar store, and I would be like, Come on, man. And that’s the dollar store! There is no dress code for the dollar store.

I’m not saying we all need to abandon our sweet, sweet Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s growing into his fame, maybe. He didn’t realize there were cameras, maybe, or other human beings, or something. He didn’t realize that everyone isn’t blind. He didn’t realize that eyes don’t automatically crop your head into a close up where we can’t even see that you are wearing flip flops like some asshole doing devil sticks on the quad. Yuck. But he’ll get there. We just have to be patient. And he just has to stop wearing flip flops. (Image via Celebitchy.)