Who Would Play Google Reader In The Movie Of Its Life?

Today is the day that we lose our beloved Google Reader. Like our own death, our awareness of its inevitability did little to convince us of its reality. Still as I sit here scrolling through the blog posts of the day it’s hard to believe that this will soon end. And then what? Digg reader?! Oh give me a break. Why don’t I just go DIGG a hole in the backyard, throw my computer in it, cover it in garbage, and then jump in there with it, and light us both on fire, and then have hired someone in advance to smother the fire with dirt and bury us both (me + my computer) if I’m going to use Digg Reader. (JK, Digg Reader definitely seems fine.) (LOVE ME, DIGG READER, YOU’RE MY NEW HOPE!) But because we are losing our sweet friend, it makes sense only to pay him or her the highest tribute we can, as a thanks for serving us so gently and with such light and love for all of these years: cast him or her in the movie of his or her life. First we have to determine whether Google Reader is a man or a woman. I am leaning towards man, but can be swayed easily if anyone thinks otherwise. The first man that comes to mind is Ben Kingsley. I feel like this is an obvious choice and doesn’t really need an explanation. If we’re going to cast a woman for the role, I think Charlize Theron would be good, or maybe Anjelica Huston, or maybe Mia Farrow. Hmmm, maybe Google Reader is a woman? It was certainly easier to think of women who could fit the role. I’ll tell you one man who Google Reader isn’t: Woody Allen. I’m not sure if he was ever in the running for you, but I’m sorry, I am going to take him out of the running for everyone. It’s not working for me. Tom Hanks could be Google Reader, I guess. Who else? Guys? Hello? Who should play Google Reader in the movie of its life?! Who will play its love interest?!? (Its love interest will represent all of us.)