Baby Performs Private Piano Concert For 101-Year-Old Lady

I attended a performance recently at Carnegie Hall that featured children under the age of, let’s say, I don’t know, 16 or something, performing piano pieces and sometimes singing. IT WASN’T WEIRD, I WAS THERE TO SEE MY COUSIN. You might think, as I did before I attended, “this is going to be a mess — except for my own relative, who is for sure going to be a bright shining, beautiful star, but otherwise uh-oh,” but it wasn’t! The show started with the tiniest baby, who was around five years old, who performed an impressive piece perfectly, and went on and on, with ZERO PANICKED STOPS! Can you imagine performing a piano piece in front of a crowd without stopping in the middle, forgetting everything you learned, not being able to breathe, and being unsure of what to do before you finally run off stage in tears? I can’t! That is all to say that I’m about to share with you a very sweet video of a child — THE child — he has been on Ellen multiple times — performing a private piano concert for his biggest fan, a 101-year-old lady. It is nice. He is very good. She is very sweet. At one point he gives her a hug and you know it’s because someone told her “give the lady a hug,” but it is still very cute. Sometimes it’s nice to watch something nice.

See! I TOLD YOU IT WAS NICE! (Via ViralViral.)