Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Fans are leaving notes for Sherlock Holmes at a building in Smithfield, London, the significance of which is a spoiler if you have not watched Sherlock’s second season. Guess what, fans! The stuff that happens in the show isn’t real!!! -Kottke
  • Conan O’Brien helped his assistant find her Gigolos mug on Conan last night. -TeamCoco
  • You can stream a full episode of the upcoming season of Comedy Bang! Bang! right now on IFC. And you should! It’s a very good show! -IFC
  • Michael from Kid Nation did a reddit AMA and it is filled with very good questions like, “Do you really think Laurel’s choice of maintaining a static district was in the best interest of the community?” Hahaha. Ahhhhh. See what he says! -Reddit
  • Do you want an Arrested Development soundtrack that you can listen to? You will be able to have that soon! -TVGuide
  • A Captain Planet movie is still in the works, y’all. -FilmDrunk
  • For those of us who don’t live in LA but are interested in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s Stanley Kubrick Archive exhibit, we can now watch this video tour of it on the Internet. Thank you, Al Gore. -/Film