Here Are Some Morning Links!

  • Someone built “The Homer,” Homer’s race car from The Simpsons. -GQ
  • Speaking of fans who have made things, here is a fan made a 50th anniversary special Doctor Who (AKA Dr. Who) trailer! It is very well made. You will enjoy it, if it sounds like something you will enjoy! -BuzzFeed
  • In this video, Gilbert Gottfried delivers Walter White’s “I am the one who knocks” speech, and the video is not perfect, but it is very close to being perfect, if what you’re imagining in your head is “perfect” to you. -WarmingGlow
  • It looks like Pixar is going to be shifting its focus back to new titles and holding back on sequels. Uggghh, but I only like things that I already knoowwwwwwuhhhhhhh. -Vulture
  • Kate Dippold talked to Splitsider about The Heat. Want to know what she said? Click 2 find out! -Splitsider
  • has ranked their top ten films of the year 2013 so far. Are any of your favorites on their list? I’m not sure what my favorites would be so far. Hmmmmm, I haven’t seen Before Midnight yet so I’ll hold back on any voting. -Film
  • Jennifer Anison and Justin Theroux should just live in the middle of the country. Then they can fly to wherever they want and it would be fair for both of them! Problem solved! -Dlisted