Slow News Day Or Slowest News Day?

This is where we’re at? This is what it has come to? It’s all DOMA hill from here! (Very very good one.) These photos are from an “article”(JK) with the headline “Mindy Kaling Leaving a Friend’s House.” Powerful stuff. What, do you have something better? 9/11 was, like, a bunch of years ago, you should know this by now: if you see something, SAY SOMETHING. (The most important lesson of 9/11 was sending in useful tips to pop culture blogs, y/y?) I know that the Senate passed an immigration reform bill today, or whatever, but what does that have to do with CELEBS and PACIFIC RIM?! You know, the stuff that MATTERS?! Seriously, if you have something better to share with the group, please do so, otherwise it’s just going to be wall to wall “Mindy Kaling Leaving a Friend’s House” chit chat. Do you have a friend who lives in a house? Tell us what you think about friends and houses in the comments!