Duh Aficionado Magazine: Glenn Beck Compared Paula Deen To Martin Luther King Jr. (And Also Magellan)

At dinner last night, the conversation naturally turned to Paula Deen, and one of the better observations made was that regardless of whether or not Paula Deen is maliciously racist or not, which we mostly agreed she was not, her defenders definitely 100% are, which makes her situation more complicated. If the only people defending you against accusations of having a cold are soggy tissues, I’m not going on with this metaphor but you get my point. Anyway, the latest in the long line of horrible racists to defend Paula Deen is Glenn Beck. No duh. And what better way to explain her situation than by comparing it to the world’s most intrepid explorers and freedom fighters. From the LA Times:

“Where would the world be if Columbus and Magellan and other world explorers believed conventional wisdom and believed the world was flat… Where would we be if Martin Luther King didn’t speak and challenge segregation? Where would we be if everyone in the world thought in the box?” Beck wondered.

Unbelievable. What an asshole! More of an asshole than Paula Deen, really, when you think about it. Granted, if she gets one more extended interview she probably will compare herself to Rosa Parks (which is why the precogs have wisely canceled all of her interviews) but this is some BOLD shit. It is, of course, hilarious that to defend Paula Deen against accusations of racism that Glenn Beck invokes not only Martin Luther King Jr., which is just ghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (that is the sound of my brain breaking) but also Christopher Columbus, a man largely responsible for invoking racial genocide across an entire continent. Perfect. We are doing great. 2013. NOM NOM NOM. #blessed