Here Are Some Morning Links!

  • This is the first official still from the Veronica Mars movie. Looks like Veronica Mars IS going to be in it! -PopCultureBrain
  • Ken Marino will have a season-long arc on the upcoming, final season of Eastbound & Down. -Deadline
  • Want to watch an effects reel for Baz Luhrmann‘s The Great Gatsby? Spoiler: Nothing was real in that movie. For instance, Leonardo DiCaprio was actually Ellen Page standing on top of milk crates. Very very interesting what they can do with computers these days. -/Film
  • Amy Poehler, Nick Kroll, Chris Gethard, Paul Scheer, and more talked to Time Out about UCB’s annual Del Close Marathon. What is that? Click 2 find out, if you want! I’m not going to tell you! -TimeOut
  • Oh, just wanted to let you know: FX is developing a Last of the Mohicans series called Mohicans. -THR
  • Finally, the question on everyone’s mind after the announcement of the DOMA ruling has been addressed: Will Cam and Mitchell get married on Modern Family?! -EW