Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Pugs dressed as Lord of the Rings characters. -AVClub
  • Hayden Panettiere talked to Entertainment Weekly about THE SCENE. Ugh, remember when she sang “nothing in this world will ever break my heart again”? Remember how good that was?! -EW
  • Want to watch Bill Hader and SNL writers talk about the Justin Bieber sketch that they consider to be ” “the greatest trainwreck ever”? You can also watch the sketch! -NBC
  • In this clip from the upcoming season of Comedy Bang! Bang!, Reggie Watts and Aziz Ansari sing about a vegan girlfriend and cheese and sandwiches. -Vulture
  • NextMovie rounded up what they consider to be the best and worst Boston accents in movies. Did your favorite and least favorite Boston accent in a movie make the list?! -NextMovie
  • This is my favorite. YouTubes count as movies now, right? -RatsOff!