That’s Your Boyfriend: Guy Lying On Train Tracks For An Internet Video

“When I met Dave I had been in a deep dry spell in my dating life. I guess I just felt like I had seen what was out there and I didn’t like the options. I was depressed, I was alone, and I was tired of watching everyone else pair off — blissfully posting Instagrams of date nights, sending out save the dates for their stupid weddings, blah blah. I was in a bad place. But Dave, the guy lying on train tracks for an Internet video, pulled me out of that bad place and, at the risk of sounding cheesy, placed me right on top of the moon! Hahahaa, ahhh, that is super cheesy, but I don’t know how else to describe it! I can’t stop smiling, all of the little things that used to get to me don’t even register anymore…I’m just very, very happy. We met when he was arguing with a waitress about a 15% tip being included on his bill and I knew from that moment that he wasn’t going to let empathy or dignity or decency get in the way of getting what he wanted, and that he was the man for me. It’s just so rare these days to find a real MAN’S MAN, you know? Someone who will lie down on train tracks for an Internet video. Someone who will think, ‘Who gives a shit about the conductor of this train and whether or not he thinks he killed someone, who gives a shit about the fact that I’m taking my life in my hands, a life that might not mean much to me but certainly means something to the people who love me, for absolutely no reason.’ Someone who will record their feat and post that video on the Internet. Ugh, I love my man. I just love him.” – You

NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. (Via Geekologie)