The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

Do you remember what life was like before the Rusty the Red Panda escape? I don’t. Was the sky still blue? Did people tweet back then? Did we dream, and when we dreamt, was it in shapes? Did the shapes take the shapes of red pandas always, or is that only post-Red Panda Escape? Ugggh, so many unanswerable questions! I do have one question that I can both give to you and answer for you, though: “Are we going to watch animal videos soon?” The answer is YES! Yes we are going to watch animal videos soon! In fact, we’re going to watch them right now! Lots of them have humans in them this week, and the humans are always features in a big way, which is generally a minus, but I think you’ll enjoy this collection and what are we waiting for let’s get to the VIDEEEEOOOOOOOOOOS!

10. Cat Licks Bunny

9. Bird Gym

8. Chimp, Tiger, and Wolf

7. Puppy’s First Howl

6. Otter…Gets…Something?

5. Kitten And Girl Enjoy Book

4. Interspecies Bonding

3. Chick Sleeps On Cat

2. Chino Crushes Leaves

1. Giraffe-sic Park