The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Kate Gosselin’s Racist Photo

This photo featuring Kate Gosselin pulling the sides of her eyes back has been making the rounds for pretty obvious reasons. Her explanation is that this photo actually comes from a happier time in her marriage to Jon Gosselin, and that it has something to do with an “Asian” wig that a fan member sent in, and that she is not a racist because she has biracial children. Sure. Seriously: sure. OK, Kate Gosselin. You are now multiple years out from the heights of your popularity, and your family lays in ruins. Good luck to you, good luck to all of us. But the hell with you if you think you are going to ruin our caption contest. You had your turn. Now it is our time. It is our time down here. It was your time up there but it’s our time down here. So, for this week’s Why Don’t YOU Caption It, please caption ANY OTHER* PHOTO EXCEPT THIS ONE. Anyone captioning this photo will be disqualified. You are welcome to pick any other photo in the whole world and cation that instead. That’s how WE will handle this.

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. So something good will come out of this whole thing, however small.

*Be smart, though. Use your noodle, though. Grow up, guys. Stay in school, please.