Living In Don Draper’s Old Whorehouse

You: So…?
Someone: So what?
You: So do you recognize my house?
Someone: Hmmm…
You: Think…think about houses you’ve seen recently…
Someone: Is it one of the houses you emailed me about?
You: Nope, it isn’t one I’ve shown you. Think — you’ve seen this one more recently than that.
Someone: I don’t know. You invited me over to show me the new house that you bought.
You: Right…and…
Someone: Well, I’m going to put it to you plainly: This is a new house to me and I have never seen it before.
You: Yes you have.
Someone: Where?
You: You tell me!
Someone: Man, I really don’t like this game.
You: It’ll be over soon if you just think about it. About houses you’ve seen recently…and maybe that some other people have seen recently…for the first time…
Someone: Can you give me a hint?
You: I just did.
Someone: Can you give me another?
You: Yes, it’s a spoiler alert for Mad Men, just in case anyone else is listening and hasn’t seen the finale.
Someone: What?
You: Here:

Someone: Oh…It’s the house Don Draper grew up in on Mad Men?
You: Yep!
Someone: The house in which he incurred almost all of his, fictional obviously, but still depressing, emotional damage?
You: Mmmhm!
Someone: And that story about eating the Hershey bar alone in his room…
You: Yep, this is the place!
Someone: Oh.
You: Pretty neat, right?
Someone: I guess so.
You: Why are you being weird?
Someone: It’s just kind of a strange thing, you owning this house? I guess it’s cool. It’s a little sad and weird, though. Maybe you should’ve just bought a normal house?
You: You do realize Mad Men is fictional?
Someone: Yeah, but–
You: And that this house is historic and beautiful?
Someone: I mean, sure, it’s nice–
You: Oh so you just think I shouldn’t have gotten it because Don Draper, a television character, used to be sad here. On the TV show.
Someone: I guess it doesn’t make too much sense when you put it that way.
You: Yeah.
Someone: Well, all right. Nice house, man.
You: Thanks!

(From FranklinAvenue, via Uproxx.)