Mad Men Season Six Finale Open Thread

And so it is. After a particularly great season, especially as compared to last season, last night’s finale was way less “fun” than many of the season’s episodes and a total emotional bummer, but also a very solid culmination. Not a single person’s crackbrained theory on who was already dead came true, which was nice. No offense, I know everyone worked really hard on their crackbrained theories of who was dead, but none of those theories ever seemed to take into account that this show runs on a pretty straight-forward, linear track, and also that we already had a really dramatic and shocking death last season, and just because Matthew Weiner worked on the Sopranos doesn’t make this show about mid-level advertising executives in New York City another Sopranos. (One of my favorite theories was that Ted was going to die because there was a shot of him lying on a couch the same way there was once a shot of Lane lying on a couch. Guys, let’s harness this energy because it is incredible energy! My least favorite theory was that Megan was Sharon Tate because of a t-shirt.) But, so, Bob Benson Drinks. Pete’s. Milkshake. Everyone wants to go to California all of a sudden? Everyone. Is Ginsberg even on this show anymore jk who cares about Ginsberg. It turns out Pete’s mom was Sharon Tate the whole time. Stan gets robbed. Megan calls Sally and Bobby messed up. Don blurts out a crazy whore house story in the Hershey meeting, which we are supposed to believe is a result of his alcoholism, but that doesn’t quite add up since he is a pretty high functioning alcoholic and has been for years, but in either case the story is a crazy whore house story. #JAIL. Speaking of crazy whore house stories: after Don gets an intervention at work before anyone knows what an intervention is, he takes the kids to see the old whore house where he grew up. He is finally owning up to who he really is! He is sharing his true self with his family! But will it be enough? And is it too late? Other questions?

Like: What do you think will happen next season? Will Don open a California office with Harry Crane? Will Duck marry Megan? Will Pete be 100% bald? Has everyone been dead the whole time and you guys were right? Will Sally fight in Vietnam? Will Betty open a California office with Harry Crane? Will Roger be Sharon Tate? Nnnnn…’s EXCITING!