Anger Management Casting Call Presents Excellent Opportunity For Women!

Want to work in the exciting field of Charlie Sheen? Are you Mila Kunis, by any chance? Are you gorgeous and sexy and do you have experience in hating yourself? (Experience in hating yourself is a must.) Do you remember when Charlie Sheen fired Selma Blair? That stuck! From The Hollywood Reporter:

FX’s Anger Management on Friday released a casting breakdown as the series begins its search for a replacement for Selma Blair, who exited the series Tuesday.

The new role calls for a “gorgeous, sexy” Latina or Caucasian actress in her 30s or 40s to play an as yet unnamed by the book psychiatrist who joins star Charlie Sheen’s character in co-authoring the sex study research he and Kate (Blair) were working on before she left.

Here’s more from the official description: “If Charlie and Kate were like Sam and Diane on Cheers, then you are Rebecca. Tough, career driven, neurotic and you wear your heart on your sleeve. And you hate yourself for eventually becoming attracted to Charlie.

Please send your head shots to 6942 No Thanks Blvd, C/O Actually How Much Does It Pay? CC: Hmmmm, P.O. Box Actually Yeah If You Could Get Me An Audition That Would Be Great, Room # I Know It’s Not Going To Be A Good Experience, But I’m Not Going To Let All Of The Negativity Surrounding Charlie Sheen Screw Me Out Of A Job Possibility, ATTN: I’m Sure You Understand, I’m Assuming Based On How I Asked You To Get Me An Audition That You Are My Agent Or Something Along Those Lines, Hollywood, CA 69696. That’s the real address, I promise!!!