Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Blue Sky Candy, peppermint rock candy inspired by Breaking Bad that you will keep in your closet or on your bookshelf until you move, when you will throw it away. -LaughingSquid
  • Finally the wait is over and little baby North West has filled the question mark shaped hole in our heart. Should we be thanking Anna Wintour?! (For the name, specifically.) (Not that we now know it.) (That was God’s work.) -Dlisted
  • Gerard Depardieu? More like Gerard Depardon’t drink and drive! Which is what he did! -FilmDrunk
  • Sarah Gadon has joined The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but, uh-oh, who is she playing?! Uh-oh, Shailene Woodley! -/Film
  • Slate talked to the sign language interpreter who signed for the Wu-Tang Clan video that has been going around, if you’d like to read about her! -Slate
  • And, finally, is this a Christopher Reeve easter egg??? -NextMovie