Check Out My Iron MANgo, Man

You: Check out my Iron MANgo, man.
Your Friend: Is that a mango?
You: Yeah, man. An Iron MANgo.
Your Friend: It looks kind of like an apple, but I guess the shape is more like a mango shape.
You: Yeah. Why are you fighting me on this? It’s a mango.
Your Friend: I just think, like, even if it weren’t a mango you’d have a pretty good reason to lie and say that it was a mango. Even if it were some kind of an apple or whatever.
You: What do you mean?
Your Friend: So you can say it’s “Iron MANgo.” You couldn’t say like, “Check out my Iron Man Apple.” That wouldn’t have the same effect.
You: Yeah. But it’s a mango. I don’t even know why you’re talking about this.
Your Friend: Is it?
You: YES. Jesus!
Your Friend: Fine!
You: Anyway, do you like it?
Your Friend: Yeah, I like it a lot.
You: Really?
Your Friend: Yeah, it’s awesome. How did you make it?
You: Oh! I was just like cutting it or whatever and it just ended up like this. I noticed it kind of looked like Iron Man so I just went with it.
Your Friend: Wow.
You: Wait, are you being sarcastic?
Your Friend: No way, man. It’s awesome.
You: You’re the worst.

Scene. Full sized Iron MANgo after the jump. (Via Neatorama.)