Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • They have fun. -Buzzfeed
  • Chris Stark, the young interviewer whom you might remember from when he asked Mila Kunis on a date, interviewed Robert Downey Jr. recently. It didn’t go as well! -Pajiba
  • Here is a supercut of John Goodman “losing his shit” all over the place. -Flavorwire
  • Kevin Smith, Damon Lindelof, and James Franco have all reviewed Man of Steel FINALLY. Want to know if you should go see it? Click through 2 find out! -/Film
  • Kim’s baby’s name is not going to start with a K. Ugh. WHEN WILL A CELEB BABY FINALLY BE NAMED AFTER ME?! -Dlisted
  • The Wu-Tang Clan’s dancing sign language interpreter is pretty much just as good as you’ve been hearing. -Hypervocal