Your Boss: What are you doing?
You: Oh — haha, ah, sorry, I’m just watching a video.
Your Boss: You’ve been watching it for about eight minutes. I’ve been looking at your computer from my desk.
You: Oh, whoops, have I?
Your Boss: Yes.
You: It’s a compilation of videobombs during local newscasts.
Your Boss: What?
You: It’s like when–
Your Boss: Oh, no, I don’t care. You were supposed to understand that the “What?” meant that I thought what you were doing was a waste of time.
You: Oh. Well, want to watch some?
Your Boss: Some of the videobombs?
You: Yeah.
Your Boss: With you, now?
You: Yeah.
Your Boss: No. Get back to work.


(Via DailyPicks.)