How Was Everyone’s Day Today?

How was your day today? Or should I put it this way: “You’re going to tell me how your day was today, I guarantee it.” Or should I put it this way: “Your day was better than George Zimmer’s day, the founder and face of Men’s Wearhouse, whom you remember from the commercials, I guarantee it, because it seems like his day was pretty bad, though maybe it will be good for him to move on even though the details seem very shady. He must be able to retire comfortably at this point. And who wouldn’t like to retire comfortably?” Huh? Which way should I put it?! From USA Today:

Zimmer, the founder, chairman and the public face of the discount apparel chain, has been terminated, according to a brief statement from the company.

Men’s Wearhouse gave no reason for Zimmer’s departure — which surfaced on Wednesday, just hours before the company postponed its annual shareholders meeting. A company spokesman declined comment but said Zimmer’s departure won’t affect operations. …

In a statement to cable news channel CNBC, Zimmer said in the past several months, he had expressed his concerns about the direction of the company to the board of directors and that the board had “chosen to silence my concerns though termination as an executive officer.”

Eeeeeeek! What concerns did he have about the direction of the company? “MORE SUITS!” Hahaha. “Tell our salesmen to give customers a harder sell from the moment they walk through the door until the moment they succeed in leaving.” (I was in a Men’s Wearhouse one time and they gave the Man I was with a very hard sell.) (Very uncomfortable.) Whatever it was, it’s time to say goodbye, George. We’re gonna miss the way you said your catchphrase, I guarantee it. NOW HOW WAS YOUR DAY?