What Will Nashville Do Without T Bone Burnett?!

Oh no! OH NOOOOOOOOO! Sincere oh no! After one of the most laughably dramatic series finales in recent history (history = memory, specific to the person writing the blog post), it looks like another Nashville character has died/gotten into a car accident/murder-suicided/started drinking again super dramatically after finding out that they’ve been the father all along — THE MUSIC! From The Hollywood Reporter:

The show’s executive music producer will not be returning to the series, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. Burnett, who is married to Nashville creator Callie Khouri, oversaw the creation of more than 100 original recordings and personally produced or co-produced dozens of original songs featured on the Connie Britton/Hayden Panettiere drama.

“His slate of other film, television and recording projects would have made it impossible for him to return for a second season,” Burnett’s manager said in a statement, noting the busy producer initially only planned to stay for one season. “He became close to many of the actors on Nashville, and wishes all of them — as well as the show’s producers, writers and crew — all the best with the coming season.”

Nooooo! The music on Nashville, because of T Bone Burnett’s input, was so oddly good and one of the best parts of Nashville! Like, remember this song? Always not quite good enough to be a real song that you’d like, but close enough that you wondered why they wasted it on a TV show. BUT NOT ANYMORE! What will they do now? Just hire the Civil Wars? Cut the music from the show altogether and up the dramatics? Just kidding the dramatics are already turned all the way up? Unless Connie Britton actually dies and is found to have been carrying Deacon’s baby? That would be a bit more dramatic. Will the show be unwatchable now? Nooo! T BOOOOONE!