Jokes Selma Blair Can Use About Being Fired By Charlie Sheen

From TMZ: “We’re told it all started when Selma complained to Anger Management execs that Charlie was a menace to work with — claiming he’s late all the time and has a shoddy work ethic. Problem is … the actor found out about it and was super pissed. We’re told Charlie felt Selma was out of line considering he’s the star of the show. And he specifically referenced himself learning 40 pages of lines per episode compared to her 2. But sources close to Sheen tell us the actor did more than just complain … he told everyone HE FIRED SELMA altogether — although it’s unclear how official it was.”

  • Anger Management? Hah! That’s a laugh. What’s Charlie Sheen’s next TV show going to be called, Consistently Rational Decision-Making and Lots of Good Press? “
  • “Oh, did you hear I got ‘fired’ by Charlie Sheen? Yeah. With this and the whole ‘winning’ thing from before, I’m starting to think that someone needs to buy Charlie Sheen a dictionary! Emphasis on the dick!”
  • “Charlie Sheen says he’ll refuse to work if I show up to set in order to do my job. Hah, yeah, what else is new?!”
  • “Charlie Sheen ‘fired’ me from my job at Anger Management, whatever that means. You’d think if he were mad at me he wouldn’t GIVE ME A GIFT. Hahah. But, honestly, it is good money. I’m going to ride it out. His is the worst, though, seriously.”
  • “Hey, did you hear that Charlie Sheen wants to offer Mila Kunis a 10 episode arc on Anger Management at ONE MILLION dollars per episode? Like…??????!!??!????!?”
  • “Charlie Sheen? More like Charlie Fucking Awful Lunatic.”

You’re welcome, Selma Blair! Good luck!