Here Are Some Morning Links!

  • Michael Cera’s new short film for the YouTube channel JASH is called “Failure” and also stars Aubrey Plaza. If you like what I like, you’re going to like it! -MichaelCera
  • James Franco is looking for $500,000 in his Indigogo crowdfunding effort to have a few young filmmakers adapt his novel, Palo Alto, into a trilogy of short films. What are you waiting for????? -THR
  • How to score a TV show, according to Arrested Development’s David Schwartz. -AVClub
  • George Lucas hasn’t yet talked to J.J. Abrams about Episode VII. Will he ever?! I don’t know!! Click the link and find out!!!! -/Film
  • Why must every superhero movie have multiple endings? That’s not my question, that’s NextMovie’s question. But, why?! Why must they? -NextMovie
  • Dan Harmon kind of apologized on Twitter for blah blah. This guy. -Pajiba