Malcolm Brickhouse’s And Jarad Dawkins’s Metal Band, Unlocking The Truth, Is OUR Generation’s Caine’s Arcade

Kids these days! I literally do not understand how there are so many cool kids who are just being themselves and doing what they want to do. When I was a kid, back in the 1920s, it was mostly a matter of not letting the coal dust from the mine where you worked smudge your animal husbandry homework. Everyone got the same haircut because if you got a different haircut it meant that you were sick and about to die (from coal dust inhalation). No one spoke unless spoken to and even then you tried not to speak if possible. Bedtime was at 4:30PM, and if you were not married and the owner of your own pickaxe for your work in the mine by the age of 15 then you were considered a practitioner of witch craft. Things were different back then. Nowadays kids are like, suffused with some kind of inner-confidence and an uplifting sense of purpose and determination that is inspiring to see. It’s horrible.