Now You Have To Know This Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Nude Cooking Gossip, Too

As a strong woman, there are a lot of burdens I can carry alone. Do I feel the need to list specific examples of those burdens here in order to prove it to you? Of course not. Is one of those burdens the picture of a Teen Mom holding her soon-to-be-implanted breast implants that I just saw? Yes. But this piece of gossip I accidentally read about Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux is one that I’d rather share the weight of with you. From Star Magazine, via Celebitchy:

Jen, 44, has… started to embrace her curves at home since longtime nudist Justin, 41, persuaded her to join in on the fun. One of Jen’s close confidants says that although the actress was hesitant at first, she now finds it extremely liberating. “Both of them have incredible bodies, so it relaxes them more,” spills a pal.

“They spend entire days at home without any clothes on – and even cook naked.” Maybe Justin will wear his birthday suit at the wedding?

“Well, we have incredible bodies, so it relaxes us more.” Hahahah. That’s Jennifer Aniston talking to her pal. “I’m embracing my curves, plus my body is incredible. So is Justin’s. It’s very relaxing.” COOKING NAKED, THOUGH?! Guys! Guys. Guys. Take a chill pill! Take a chill pill FROM your chill pill. You don’t want to get spagetti sauce on your birthday suit. Then what are you going to wear to your wedding?!