A Friendly Chat With Gabe And Kelly: Melissa McCarthy’s New York Times Profile

Kelly: Hey, Gabe!
Gabe: Hi, Kelly.
Gabe: How are you?
Kelly: I’m fine!
Kelly: It’s raining and is supposed to rain even more here tonight, which is a bummer
Gabe: Ugh, tell me about it.
Gabe: June Gloom.
Gabe: It’s gray in the mornings here and it doesn’t get sunny until almost 10AM!
Kelly: Ugh
Gabe: the whole city is really struggling
Gabe: oh sure, it’s 75 and sunny by the afternoon, but what about the mornings right when you wake up?
Gabe: why don’t we all just kill ourselves?!
Kelly: Yeah that sounds awful I’m super sorry for you guys
Gabe: that’s what the mayor said in his press conference on June Gloom
Gabe: “Why don’t we all just kill ourselves. No questions.”
Kelly: Oh wow, that is really tough

Kelly: Good advice, though.
Kelly: When our mayor had a press conference about the rain all he said was, “Deal with it”
Kelly: “Listen we can’t do anything about the rain you’re just gonna have to deal with it, goodnight.”
Kelly: That was the full quote
Gabe: mayors are the worst
Kelly: seriously
Gabe: well, hang in there
Gabe: do as the mayor says and deal with it
Gabe: goodnight
Kelly: All I can do is try.
Kelly: Not to say that I know better than any mayor, but I do think that you should think twice before doing what your’s said.
Gabe: you mean like how i’m going to do it?
Gabe: like which method?
Kelly: Yeah that’s what I mean
Kelly: Though when the whole city is dead I guess it will hardly matter which you chose
Kelly: Anyway, what else do you want to talk about?
Gabe: anything that will take my mind off of how the sun wasn’t out for two seconds earlier today (it’s out now but it wasn’t earlier #JuneGloom)
Kelly: :( poor guy
Kelly: Did you read Dave Itzkoff’s piece on Melissa McCarthy in the New York Times?
Gabe: did i?!
Kelly: Stupid question, I know!!!!!!
Kelly: In it she responds to Rex Reed of the New York Observer
Gabe: finally
Kelly: Who called her “tractor-sized,” among other things
Gabe: the world has been waiting for her to respond to rex reed of the New York Observer
Gabe: and now we get our wish

Kelly: Listen, don’t bring your June Gloom over here
Kelly: I don’t need it
Kelly: It is a good response to a thing that I did not know happened!
Gabe: !!!!!!!!
Gabe: you missed the Tractor Pull heard round the world?!
Kelly: yes!
Gabe: it is a good response on her part insofar as i am happy that she is happy
Gabe: and also give me a break, Rex Reed
Gabe: but at the same time, I feel like no one is actually talking about the REAL issue
Kelly: Which is what
Kelly: June Gloom?
Gabe: hahahahahahah YES
Gabe: no, i think that Melissa McCarthy and also, for example, Rebel Wilson
Gabe: are funny ladies who do a good job at their jobs
Gabe: but also who play off of their body image, Chris Farley style
Gabe: in a way that is at the very least COMPLICATED
Gabe: and while I think rex reed’s framing of his criticism was gross and unnecessary
Gabe: i don’t think it’s the only aspect of the whole thing that is potentially harmful
Gabe: if you have an overweight person in a movie being portrayed as silly or clumsy or whatever it may be then that is also potentially “harmful”
Kelly: That’s true, but I don’t think that’s necessarily the box Melissa McCarthy is in. I’m not sure about Rebel Wilson because I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in a movie
Kelly: She was silly and strange in Bridesmaids and played off of her body type a lot
Kelly: But I’m not sure it was a big part of that Jason Batemen movie, and I don’t think it’s a major part of the Sandra Bullock movie?
Kelly: And it certainly wasn’t a big part of Mike & Molly or any part of Gilmore Girls

Gabe: i haven’t seen this movie, but the only scene they describe is the two of them trying to squeeze through a door together
Gabe: and also i might lightly disagree with you about mike and molly
Gabe: but more to the point
Gabe: i’m not even saying there is an answer
Gabe: like, if you want to be in a comedy, it’s going to be like getting your caricature drawn
Kelly: Right
Gabe: your comedy is going to come from whatever it is about you that you can exaggerate, right?
Gabe: and we’re all just trying to have a fun time at the silver screens
Gabe: and everyone is very sensitive these days
Gabe: which i think is a good thing, it’s fine to be sensitive
Gabe: the world is a rough enough place, we can all afford to be a little sensitive, it won’t kill us
Gabe: we don’t have to even change very much stuff, we just have to at least acknoweldge its potential to do damage
Gabe: and then take a step back and figure out what we can do
Kelly: Yes
Gabe: i guess what i am saying is that i am glad she is happy and rex reed can go jump off a tree for all i care, but also it’s not so simple as a happy person and a person filled with hate
Gabe: if, like she said, a review like that would ahve devastated her in the past
Gabe: and that she still thinks a review like that threatens the self-esteem of children
Gabe: then it’s a bigger thing than just how she feels and what he said
Gabe: there are, like, actual stakes and things to think about involved
Kelly: Actual stakes that come from the cause of the review?
Gabe: just the issue in general
Gabe: if rex reed’s ultimate point
Gabe: was that he thinks she plays off of her body type in a way that is damaging
Gabe: like, that’s the weird thing about it
Gabe: is i think they’re kind of saying two versions of similar things
Gabe: which is: don’t be damaging
Gabe: he said it in a very rude and hurtful and bad way
Gabe: that was itself not useful or helpful
Kelly: I think you’re giving some undue credit to Rex Reed
Kelly: That’s definitely a way you could read what he said
Gabe: look, i love him and i respect his work
Kelly: hahaha
Gabe: and i wish he was doing your job instead of you
Kelly: “Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids) is a gimmick comedian who has devoted her short career to being obese and obnoxious with equal success.”
Gabe: ok, well what is your reading of that?
Gabe: that he’s just 100 percent an asshole?
Gabe: spouting off nonsense?
Gabe: i think in that way you are giving him undue too little credit
Gabe: i think we have to pretend that he’s trying to say SOMETHING
Kelly: I don’t think he has in mind the damaging effects of Melissa McCarthy acting the way she does, I think he just doesn’t like the character she plays on its surface
Kelly: And is expressing that opinion rudely

Kelly: Though if he does have the intent that you think he might, which he easily could, who knows, I don’t know
Gabe: i don’t care what his intention is, not really
Gabe: all i am saying is that, especially if we don’t know exactly what his intention was
Gabe: we can for sure dismiss what he wrote
Gabe: who cares what he wrote, what a jerk
Gabe: but at the same time, the framework of
Gabe: here’s a jerk who wrote a thing, but it can’t affect this strong woman who is happy
Gabe: seems to sort of brush aside the underlying body image stuff that is at the very heart of why this would even be a thing in the first palce
Gabe: that’s basically all i’m saying
Gabe: but, like, if Melissa McCarthy’s first big break was Mike & Molly, which it was, that is a show about a couple who meets at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting
Gabe: her body is for sure a big part of her career
Gabe: AGAIN: i don’t have any solutions to offer
Gabe: i wish that i did
Gabe: and i think melissa mccarthy is so funny and i don’t think she’s doing anything damaging to women or WHATEVER
Gabe: i just think that it is a complicated issue! bodies! everyone struggles with their bodies these days! and her body is highlighted in particular when she does her acting!
Kelly: I think you are right and I agree with what you’re saying.
Kelly: And I think the fact that her weight was never discussed on Gilmore Girls
Kelly: Further proves that Gilmore Girls is television’s greatest show.
Gabe: hahahahahhah
Gabe: it always comes back to that
Gabe: your Great Cause
Kelly: Hahah
Kelly: Yes
Gabe: in conclusion: Gilmore Girls, may God bless us, everyone
Kelly: Amen