OMG, This Baby Has NO Idea That She Can’t Eat A Magazine

OMG, this baby has NO idea that she can’t eat a magazine!!! It’s like, baby, what are you even thinking?!! GIRL. You know we all wanna eat food out of magazines and we’re all just hanging on by a thread, waiting for the day when you can finally print food out of the printer, or send food via text message to a friend if one of your friends is eating food that you want and has some leftovers to share, or order food through the TV so when there’s a commercial for food that you want you can press a button on your remote and the food comes out of a special door you have on the TV, or write down what you want and drop it into the oven and wait for a few minutes and then the oven will ding and your food will be inside, or have an affordable robot that prepares exciting menus for you every day and also goes shopping for you, or I guess just straight up eat food out of magazines like you’re attempting to do, but that day isn’t here yet!! We’re probably at LEAST like two years away!!! Baby, you have to use that sweet little pea brain for just one second! I’m not trying to come down on you too hard here but, girl, you just cannot eat food out of magazines!!!

Ugh, this baby has no idea!!!!! (Via TastefullyOffensive.)