How To Fold A Shirt In Under 2 Seconds

1. Wonder why it’s so important to be able to fold a shirt “correctly.”
2. They’re your shirts! YOUR SHIRTS! If you don’t care whether or not they’re folded “correctly,” whatever that even means, then what’s the big deal? Is a Gap manager going to come in an periodically check your dresser drawers to make sure the shirts are nice in case anyone comes in and wants to buy some of your shirts? Of course not!! That would be ridiculous, they’re not even for sale!!!!
3. I guess maybe folding you shirts “correctly” would decrease wrinkles in your shirts? Is that even true? They don’t seem to be horribly wrinkly now. If Jessica cares so much about the amount of wrinkles in your shirts then she should just iron them herself!!!!
4. Ugh, I’m sorry. That was rude. Jessica is just being kind and considerate. She wants your shirts to look nicer and she thinks you can fold them better. She’s probably right.
5. Fold your shirt in two seconds or fewer.

Um, okay! Thanks, guy! (Via ViralViral.)