Donald Trump Does Not Like Modern Family

The moment is something of which each of us is guilty. We sit down in front of our televisions, turn on primetime ABC, and settle in for Modern Family knowing, or thinking that we know, that Donald Trump is out there, somewhere, doing the same. “It’s a big world out there, but as long as I know that I’m looking at the same Modern Family that Donald Trump is looking at, everything feels a bit closer and more manageable,” we think. We laugh along keeping in mind that Donald Trump is out there sharing in our laughter, our breathing patterns united in this one moment. We think, “Is Donald taking the same bathroom break?” when we take a bathroom break during a commercial. We know that we’ll never get the answer, but the possibility is enough to keep us going. Well, that possibility was shattered last night on Twitter. It’s hard, but it’s a wakeup call we all needed. We are not watching Modern Family with Donald Trump. We are watching Modern Family alone, just as we were born, just as we live our lives, and just as we will die. Sorry Danny, indeed.

Also he got into some Twitter fight with Danny Zuker about something, I’m not sure what, let’s not look into it!