The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

BIG ANIMAL NEWS: I had an interaction with a cat over the weekend in which I felt the cat was actually being somewhat affectionate towards me! What?! That is honestly, kiss it up 2 God, the first time that has ever happened to me in my life. I’d like to now say that I understand why people like cats and keep them around, but I still don’t get it. After 3 seconds of nuzzling in my arms, nuzzling that the cat BEGGED FOR, he scratched me and ran away. Hahaha. What the hell, cat? Why do you have to be SUCH A JERK? Because it is in your nature?! That’s all you know how to be, an unhappy prisoner in your owner’s jail? Fair enough. At least I understand you. You are still cute. END OF BIG ANIMAL NEWS. Now who’s ready for some ANNIIMAALLLL VIIIIDDEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS! There are lots of good ones this week! I mean it! Let’s watch them!

10. Hamster FAAAIIIIL!

9. Cat Attacking Its Own Tail

8. Dog Doesn’t Particularly Like Lime

7. Monkey Eating Grass

6. Dog Chilling Out

5. Sweet Puppy Wakeup

4. Bunny Takes A Bath

3. Orphaned Pony Sleeps With A Teddybear

2. Tapdancing Seagull

1. Cockatiel Singing My Neighbor Totoro Theme