Here Are Some Morning Links!

  • Patrick Stewart has fun. -BlameItOn
  • Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg spoke with the AV Club about This Is The End, and all things that make up This Is The End. Should I recap interviews for a living? Click 2 find out! -AVClub
  • Speaking of Seth Rogen, he was on Late Night last night and baked weed brownies with Jimmy Fallon using fake hands. Oh! -Uproxx
  • Speaking of Late Night, Jeffrey Tambor was also on and introduced the show as if he were Hank Kingsley and as if it were The Larry Sanders Show! What a treat. -Splitsider
  • Carey Mulligan passed on the Hillary Clinton biopic. NOOOOO! Who will be our young Hillary now!? BRIT MARLING?! (It should be Brit Marling!) -THR
  • Uh, want to see Gerard Butler cracking nuts with his ass? You can if you want to. -HyperVocal