Let’s Talk About The Magic Magic Trailer!

I know that we always save movie trailers for Friday and that today is barely even Wednesday*, but can we make an exception for the Magic Magic trailer? Pleeeeeaaase? It’s a psychological thriller from Sebastián Silva that was a big hit at Sundance (I think that’s an exaggeration, who knows, I wasn’t there, but people did like it!) (you CANNOT take away from me the fact that people did like it) and Michael Cera is in it playing against type as a serious super creep with darker hair than normal and Juno Temple is in it and people love her, so please can we watch it and talk about it?! “Psychological thriller” is my FAVORITE type of movie after dramatic/romantic comedy! That sounds like a weird joke-like statement, BUT IT IS THE TRUTH! Uggggh, all I want to do is talk about this moooooovieeeeee. Even the parts of the trailer that look stupid look great! Does the fact that it is being released straight to DVD/VOD rather than traditionally persuade you into being all right with talking about it today rather than Friday? No? You’re a stickler for rules and you’d say that that is actually one of your biggest weaknesses as well as one of your strengths? WELL TOO BAD, YOU DON’T RUN THE BLOG! GABE DOES! BUT I CERTAINLY AM CLOSER TO RUNNING IT THAN YOU ARE, AT THE MOMENT AT LEAST, BEFORE I GET FIRED FOR BREAKING THIS RULE, SO LET’S WATCH THIS THING!

How much do I like this trailer? Hmmm, TEN! ELEVEN! Hahaaaaa. I will understand if you don’t appreciate this trailer as much as I do, knowing that while it hits almost all of my criteria for a Perfect Movie (psychological thriller, something about a cult or at least something that kind of reminds you of a cult-like group of people, Michael Cera, cute ladies, no Meet the Parents type of humor that makes you feel anxious), that might not be everyone’s criteria. But, what do you think? I do honestly think that this looks good. Hahah. I know I’m being excitable and silly, I think that’s mainly due to the rule-breaking, but I DO WANT TO BE CLEAR that this looks good and I’m excited to see it. Michael Cera looks like he’s doing a good job. Juno Temple looks great. What do you think? Do you miss George Michael already? Are you too scared? Tell meeee. (Thanks for the tip, Scott.)

*It’s Tuesday.