Wait, For Real, Whose Sexy Legs ARE These?!

I was just flipping through the blogs, seeing what was what, and found a post on VH1’s Scandalist site with the above picture and the headline “Whose Sexy Legs Are These?” Here’s the thing though: THEY DON’T TELL YOU. Ugh. As if it is not hard enough today. As if we are not already struggling, each and every one of us in our own ways, to find our way through. Now we have this new struggle to deal with on top of everything else? I know that God doesn’t give you more than you can handle, but could God make a pair of legs so sexy even She couldn’t tell who they belonged to?! I miss Game of Thrones. Where is Breaking Bad? Do you think Superman is going to be good or do you think it’s going to be not good? Share your thoughts on Penn Badgley’s and Zoe Kravtiz’s reported break up in the comments just kidding just kidding just kidding please share anything other than that. Starting with whose GODDAMNED LEGS these are! I’m going crazy trying to figure it all out!