I See Some Congratulations Are In Order, Game Of Thrones!

Congratulations to you, congratulations to you, congratulations dear season finale of Game of Thrones for getting the record for having the most people torrenting an episode simultaneously, breaking, from what I can tell, your own record from a few weeks agooooooooo, congratulations to you! From TorrentFreak, via Uproxx:

The season finale of Game of Thrones has set a new BitTorrent record with more than 170,000 people sharing an episode simultaneously. In just one day more than a million people have downloaded a copy of the show, figures no other TV-show comes close to. […]

In recent weeks the hit show has been shared millions of times online, but never before have we seen this many people sharing the same file.

Within a few hours after it was released hundreds of thousands grabbed a copy of the show via The Pirate Bay and other torrent sites, breaking the old record Game of Thrones set just a few weeks ago during the premiere of the third season.

AND MANY MOOOOOOOOOOOORE! Ugh, but stuff like this always brings up the same question: What do you get for the show that has been downloaded by everyone, for a celebration about a fairly boring record, unless you care about stuff like this, in which case it’s probably pretty neat and I don’t want to rain on your parade at all, I’m just trying to give both sides a voice? A GIIIFF PAARRRRTTTYYYYY!