Group Sing-Along On Broken Plane: Better Or Worse?

WORSE! Ah, sorry. I didn’t even ask the question yet, and here I am forcing my opinio–WORSE! WORSE WORSE WOSE WORSE! Imagine this: You’ve been stranded on the Tarmac for two hours. It’s hot and you have no idea what time you’ll be leaving. You have water and you have some airline peanuts, but that’s it. No one has vomited. No one is singing. NOW IMAGINE A MUCH WORSE SCENARIO! From YouTube:

Flight attendants leave us alone to our devices after 5 hours, 2 planes, no snacks, no water, no A/C. Two people passed out, two vomited and to avoid a mutiny, the passengers banded together in song.

AHHHHHHHHH! Let’s never fly again! It’s just not worth it! You’ll catch your friend’s next stupid expensive destination wedding, THE RISK IS TOO HIGH!

I am impressed that they are singing together instead of screaming and crying and hyperventilating and shaking and threatening violence, though. Like I’m not saying that’s what anyone I know would be doing at this point or whatever, all I’m saying is that I’m very impressed that that is NOT what they’re doing. (Via Gawker.)