Best New Party Game: Father’s Day Movies

Did everyone have a good Father’s Day weekend? JUST KIDDING! That was the same joke I made in the Mother’s Day Party Game post, remember?! Fool you once, shame on me. Fool you — you can’t get fooled again. (George W. Bush.) It wouldn’t be right to have had such a wonderful Party Game for Mother’s Day without giving the fathers among us their chance to reap the benefits. (Terrible puns and rhyme-based movie joke benefits, mainly.) And with Father’s Day right around the corner (June 16th) there’s no better time to do it! Am I telling you that you have to print out this list of Father’s Day-altered movie titles along with the entire comment thread that follows it and staple it to the new tie that you bought for your father before you hand it to him? NO! Am I saying that would be a terrible idea? YES! Don’t do that! But DO do this! Do-do! Let’s get to it!

  • American Tie
  • We Can See Man of Steel (If You Want)
  • The Goodfather
  • You Like Horses, Don’t You?
  • Goodfather*
  • The Brooks Brothers Great Gatsby Collection 
  • Home Alone, If Possible

I’m sorry, Dad! (Father’s Day image via Shutterstock.)

*This one is rather than Goodburger.