Here Are Some Morning Links!

  • Last night, Adult Swim aired part two of Adam Scott’s Greatest Event in Television History, featuring Amy Poehler and Adam recreating the opening credits for Hart to Hart. -Pajiba
  • Also last night, The Daily Show said goodbye to Jon Stewart for the summer and hello to John Oliver. Bye, Jon! Hello, John! -TheDailyShow
  • Something that ALSO ALSO happened on TV last night was The Lonely Island visited Jimmy Kimmel and performed their song “Semicolons” with Alanis Morissette. They never do this! -Stereogum
  • By analyzing searches for movie trailers and a movie’s Internet presence, Google is able to predict the potential box office draw of a movie with 94% accuracy. WHAT?! It makes sense, but also, WHAT?! -/Film
  • Lena Dunham spoke to the LA Times about a few episodes from Girls’ last season, including the Patrick Wilson episode and the maybe-rape episode. Okay! -LATimes
  • “An Oral History of UCB Theater Partying and ‘Awkward Sexuality'” -Vulture