The Lonely Island On The Wack Album, The Hurdles Of Putting Together A Tour, And Stinkë Diqué

For the past month, fans have been getting peeks at the Lonely Island’s upcoming release, The Wack Album, through the group’s #WACKWEDNESDAYS campaign, beginning with “Spring Break Anthem” and most recently “Spell It Out.” The heavy Internet presence seems natural for the group, much of whose initial success went hand-in-hand with the rise of YouTube and the e-popularity of their “Lazy Sunday” video. It’s possible that fans might think, “Wait, though – we’ve gotten so many songs already. Are there going to be any songs left on the album that we haven’t heard already through #wackwednesdays?” And there are! Why would you think that there wouldn’t be? There are like twenty more that you haven’t heard, get out of here. The album will be released on June 11th and features guests spots from Hugh Jackman, Kristen Wiig, Robyn, Too $hort, Billie Joe Armstrong, and a bunch more FAVES. I recently talked to the guys about working with all those guys, the possibility of touring, and even a few other things! (Continue to Stereogum.)