It’s Official: The Sopranos Is The Best Show Of All Time

What have I been saying for months now? I have been saying that Owen Wilson’s and Vince Vaughn’s upcoming movie about working at Google, The Internship, looks great and like the best movie of the summer, yes, but also I have been saying that The Sopranos is the best show of all time. Well, today the WGA released its list of the 100 “best written” shows of all time and guess which one is #1? That’s right. VERY GOOD GUESS. What, are you going to argue with the WGA? You don’t even know what the WGA is, NO ONE DOES. Still, it feels good to be Justified. I have to say that it really came down to The Wire on this one, but it’s a relief to see that all is not Lost. Certainly the results will make for some Mad Men but something something Breaking Bad. And other references to shows that I like that are still not as good as The Sopranos! We will leave it to the other blogs to form their Make Believe Pop Cultural Brackets in which various shows are nonsensically paired up against each other in a fake elimination competition to determine the winner as if we do not know who the top five are, everyone knows who the top five are, and the top one is Sopranos so what is your blog even about?

Do you agree that The Sopranos is the #1 show of all time? Let us know that you agree that The Sopranos is the #1 show of all time in the comments!