Want To Talk About Dan Harmon Returning To Community?

It looks like Dan Harmon is going to be returning to Community for season five. Man oh man. First a new season of Arrested Development, and then another example of something like this happening (Grumpy Cat movie?), and now this?! TUMBLR GOD DOES EXIST! Do you want to talk about it, or no? I’m fine either way. From The Hollywood Reporter:

Dan Harmon is returning to Greendale.

The creator of NBC’s Community is formalizing his deal with producer Sony Pictures Television to return to the series as showrunner, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. Writer/EP Chris McKenna, who exited the series in May 2012 after signing a two-year overall deal with Universal Television, is also formalizing his return. Both deals are expected to close in the coming days. SPT would not confirm the deals had closed.

The news of Harmon’s return comes after word leaked over Memorial Day weekend that the writer/executive producer was asked to return to Community during a taping of his Harmontown podcast.

There is also talk of Dan Harmon recording a commentary track over the episodes from season four for the DVD release, which he says “would move season four DVDs, for sure.” And that is probably true! More than they would be moved otherwise 4sure. But also it sounds mean-spirited and damaging and fueled by misdirected contempt, and that sounds sad! But also again it is literally just an idea that I’ve read two sentences about, so who knows. Whatever. Community was enjoyable enough for season four, are you ready for it to be enjoyable enough again with probably more thinly veiled anger for season five? #LETSRAP