Game Of Thrones Open Thread (No Offense, Mad Men)

Look, this season of Mad Men is phenomenal. I would say that it’s my favorite season out of all the seasons so far, except that the only reason it’s able to be (one of) my favorite season(s) is because of how it works with everything that has been built up over the years, so how do you even set a season aside in that way? You can’t! It’s great though. And if you want to talk about last night’s episode, no one is going to go through this open thread and delete the comments that are off topic. This isn’t COMMUNIST RUSSIA. (You should see how they treat off-topic comments about Mad Men in a thread about Game of Thrones over there. It’s disgusting. Thanks a lot, PUTIN.) But seriously, what are you going to say about Mad Men when we have last night’s Game of Thrones to talk about? “Is Pete super annoying or does he kind of have a point?” Whatever, man. “Joan!” Yes, yes. Joan. For sure, Joan, but also HI, EXCUSE ME, BUT WHAT ABOUT THE RED WEDDING, DUDE? Just to remind you, because maybe you forgot in all of your excitement over how Don fell in the pool (which incidentally, ugh, I almost wish this was a Mad Men thread now, but it isn’t) but just to put back into perspective how intense that scene was, it STARTED, n.b. STARTED with a SPOILER getting stabbed in her SPOILER, prison-shower style. YIIIIIIKES! And then also SPOILER died and also SPOILER. Oh no, not SPOILER! Meanwhile Bran can jump into Hodor’s mind! And Jon Snow literally does know nothing if he’s leaving Ygritte behind like that. You come over here, Ygritte, I will show you the world beyond the wall. But mostly WHEN THEY CLOSED THE SPOILER WHILE THE BAND WAS PLAYING SPOILER AND SPOILER SAW THAT SPOILER WAS WEARING CHAIN MAIL UNDER HIS SPOILER AND THEN EVERYBODY GOT SPOILERED EVEN SPOILER’S DIRE SPOILER! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! And you want to talk about whether Sterling Cooper and Partners is a fair name change and what is really up with that Bob guy anyways and how the company will survive the loss of the Manischewitz account? Get the fuck out of here!