Doctor Who’s Next?! (To Play The Doctor??) (On The Show!)

It’s funny how quickly you can adapt to change and begin to hold onto it as a constant, more and more tightly until it is ripped from your grasp and replaced by what then becomes the new normal.* It seems that, when looked at from a distance, life could be seen merely as a series of changing variables over which we consistently place the thought, “How did we ever live another way?” Or the thought, “Who even is Matt Smith?” Or, “Which one was he?” Or, “Was he the one with the scarf, or do they all wear scarves? Or do none of them? What am I thinking of?” Or, “Why can’t I abbreviate it Dr. Who again? Just kidding! I mean, I definitely forget, but I definitely don’t want you to tell me again!” From the BBC:

After four years as the Time Lord on the BBC One show, viewers will see Smith’s Doctor regenerate in the 2013 Christmas special.

The 30-year-old actor said working on the show had been “the most brilliant experience”.

Doctor Who marks its 50th anniversary in November with a special episode, which Smith has already filmed.

The BBC said Smith’s “spectacular exit” was yet to be revealed and would be “kept tightly under wraps”.

NOOOOOOOOOO! I will say, I very rarely heard anyone talk about Doctor Who until Matt Smith took over as Doctor (the doctor?) (head of the practice?), and now pretty much 100% of everyone talks about Doctor Who all of the time. Why is that? Is it because he’s cute? Is it because he’s the best at lording time? Is it because of an extremely successful push in advertising, or maybe is it just one of those things that everyone has always been talking about but I didn’t notice it until recently, and now I’m noticing it everywhere? I genuinely don’t know, and that might be because I am genuinely not as in tune with Doctor Who as a pop culture blogger should be. In any case: WHICH CELEB SHOULD MATT SMITH’S DOCTOR REGENERATE AS? Benedict Cumberbatch? Someone not white, so they can try to claim the franchise isn’t as racist as some are saying? (Sooo, Donald Glover, I guess?) (ROASTED YA, LENA!) Can it be a woman, or is it like church? You guys are the experts, so I’ll leave it to you.

*R.I.P. The New Normal.