Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Here are a bunch of pretty pictures of TV celebrities from yesterday’s Variety Emmy Studio. The eligibility period for this year’s Emmy Awards ends tomorrow and the nominations will be announced on July 18, so get your tear-off calendars ready! -Variety
  • Vince Gilligan is still talking about doing a Saul Breaking Bad spinoff, saying it is “indeed worth doing.” Does he follow it up with, “PSYCH!” Click to find out! (He doesn’t.) -Splitsider
  • Adam Levine hates America! (Both the name of your youngest brother’s band and a RED HOT THE VOICE SCANDAL!) -TheWeek
  • It’s a little crazy that I haven’t come across this anywhere before: The “hidden messages” played over the RHC logo at the end of It’s Always Sunny, played backwards and revealed! -BlameItOn
  • Eugene Mirman’s entry in the Samuel L. Jackson monologue Reddit contest for charity thing. Don’t read it out loud if you’re at work! Practice your mental reading! -FilmDrunk
  • For  Superman’s 75th anniversary, happening this year, Zack Snyder and Bruce Timm are working on an animated Superman short that will premiere at Comic Con. -/Film