Explaining Your Vine Proposal In Five Years, To Anyone

You: Want to hear about how I proposed to Marsha?
Anyone: Oh, sure! Do you have a cute story?
You: Yep, I do! Gosh, you’re gonna love it. So, do you remember the iPhone application Vine?
Anyone: Hmmm…No.
You: Oh, it was the one where users could upload very short videos and share them with friends.
Anyone: Huh. I don’t remember that.
You: It was like Instagram, but with videos. The videos would replay over and over on a loop…Ringing a bell?
Anyone: Oh! YES! I had an account but never really used it. God, that was an awful app. Remember the “comedy” Vines comedians would upload? The worst. And like, remember how people would upload Vines of the fucking loudest parties, as if they had no idea someone who followed them would open up Vine to literal SCREAMS?
You: Hah. Ahh. I guess we didn’t follow the same people? I liked Vine.
Anyone: Oh. Huh. Well anyway, what does that have to do with your marriage proposal? Hahah, what, did you propose over Vine?

You: Yep!
Anyone: Hahaha.
You: No, I mean, that’s what I did.
Anyone: What is?
You: I proposed through a Vine.
Anyone: What?
You: I proposed through Vine, tweeted it at Marsha with the hashtag #WillYouMarryMe, and then she responded with a Tweet!
You: She said yes!
Anyone: I’m sorry, I don’t know if you’re joking or not?
You: I’m not joking. Why would I be joking?
Anyone: I just can’t tell.
You: Well, I’m not.
Anyone: Okay. Well, congratulations!
You: I mean, it was five years ago.
Anyone: Oh right.
You: You don’t like the proposal? It got a lot of media attention.
Anyone: Okay.
You: A LOT of blogs covered it.
Anyone: Good!
Anyone: Want to hear how I proposed?
You: NO.

(Via Uproxx.)