How Was Everyone’s Day Today?

Oh boy. I like to stay out of Amanda Bynes’s business as much as I can, as she seems to be a young, mentally unstable person crying out for help into a world full of strangers who eagerly devour her cries for small talk nourishment (like, really, where are the non-strangers?) (doesn’t she know anybody?) (WHO BIRTHED HER?), which makes me sad, but, uh, IT IS PRETTY MUCH IMPOSSIBLE TO STAY OUT OF HER BUSINESS! (For me.) (Here, on the Internet all day.) I, and the rest of you who read blogs, know just about everything Amanda Bynes has been up to lately and none of is good, but suffice to say that you know you are not having a good series of days when COURTNEY LOVE calls you out on Twitter and tells you to PULL IT TOGETHER. YIKES, AMANDA BYNES! (Though, Courtney Love, give me a break with you [a current mess] sticking your face into everyone else’s messes.) (Remember when she said was going to be Lindsay Lohan’s sobriety coach?) (Hahahahahahaaa.) So I think we all can glean how Amanda Bynes’s day is going, but how is YOUR day going? Tell me about it! Did Courtney Love tell you to get your act together? Tell meeeee.