Bradley Cooper Hair Watch 2013: Brad’s Topknot!

We’ve tracked Bradley Cooper’s hair since December, from the possibility that it was thinning, through the news that it had possibly been permed in the past, to its permed state for his role in an upcoming David O. Russell film. You might think that we’d let the warm breeze of the impending summer get in the way of our ruthless Bradley Cooper hair tracking, as we sip our drinks by the pool, barely thinking about Bradley Cooper’s hair or what it looks like today or how long it is or how he’s styling it at all, but you would be INCORRECT! (Not to mention insulting.) (We all have jobs to do.) It looks like Bradley is wearing a topknot now, just like that NYTimes trend piece advised! From SheKnows:

It seems that actor has taken to tying his long, dark locks in a topknot during his international promo tour for The Hangover: Part III. He’s been spotted with the look in Europe and South America over the past week.

Please take this time to update the image you call to mind when thinking of Bradley Cooper’s hair, and all possible Bradley Cooper Hair conversation starters that might now be out of date. (To be perhaps replaced with something like: “Did you see that NYTimes trend piece about topknots? Well, Bradley Cooper has one now. He wore it to some Hangover III premieres, probably because his hair was long and it might’ve been hot, or maybe he saw the trend piece? I don’t know. It looked fine, I guess — a little weird. It’s fine, though.” Or maybe, “Did you ever do a topknot? I don’t know how to, but Bradley Cooper did.”) Thank you for your attention. We’ll see you back here next time.