How Was Everyone’s Day Today?

How was your day today? Mine was fine! Good, I guess. I’ll tell you who probably didn’t have a good day today, though: THE ENTIRE CAST OF CHARACTERS ON ABC’S NASHVILLE! Hoo-boy! Does anyone out there watch Nashville? God, I hope at least some of you watch it and already watched last night’s season finale and, if you didn’t, are at least ready to read some spoilers about it. THOSE GUYS ARE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKED! They’re all dead or maybe dead or proposing to someone who doesn’t want to marry them (fingers crossed) in the silliest way or closeted gay or about to be put in jail/become a dad or they’re off the wagon or they now have a dead mom who died to protect them from shame (by murder-suiciding, as if that wouldn’t also bring them a lot of unwanted media attention?) or they’re born from a different father than they thought and are super mad about it. WHAT A SHOW! I love it. Sincerely. We haven’t talked about it much, but from the beginning when it was a kind of normal good show to now when it’s a super dramatic soap opera, Nashville has been one of the most consistently entertaining new series on television. PLUS THE MUSIC! The music used to be great, and then it got bad, but then that last song Juliette sang at the end of the finale, when all the shit was going down? Give me a break! It was great. She was great overall in the finale. She should get a REAL award, right? For acting! Do you think Rayna Jaymes and Deacon are dead?! Next season it will just be the ghosts of Rayna and Deacon floating around, fighting about stuff no one cares about anymore. Scarlett will turn down Gunnar, I HOPE, god I have hated Gunnar the whole time, and definitely not date the newly nice Avery, but will go on to sing better songs than the one she sang in the finale (more like “If I Didn’t Know Better”) (REMEMBER HOW GOOD THAT SONG IS?). The baseball stadium will be built or whatever. Gay cowboy will come out of the closet and will not have to have sex with women anymore. Gunnar will go visit his brother in Heaven, if you know what I mean. It’ll be perf. I can’t wait. But, ah, so, HOW WAS YOUR DAY?