Arrested DiGiorno: What If Arrested Development Characters Were Kinds Of Pizza?

As you may know, the new season of Arrested Development hits Netflix this weekend and people are excited. Fans across the blogs have been trampling over each other to put together supercuts of chicken dances, mash Arrested Development up with The Godfather, reference Arrested Development on their sitcoms, talk about their favorite side characters, and jokes you could have possibly missed, and THAT IS JUST IN THE LAST 24 HOURS, GUYS! And it isn’t all of it! Just in the last 24 hours and just in literally under three minutes of searching through Google Reader. But in all of this Internet fandom we realized today that no one, NOT ONE BLOG, has gone to the trouble of explaining what types of pizza the characters would be, if they were types of pizza! What?! YOU GUYS ASLEEP OUT THERE? How are we supposed to feel prepared for and already completely sick of the new season of Arrested Development if we haven’t covered every single last possibility of our bases? That’s where we come in. Now the story of a pizza family who lost every slice, and the one pizza son who had no choice but to bake all the pizzas together. It’s Arrested DiGiorno.