Zach Braff Taught Woody Allen About Crowd Funding

Boy, it sounds like a dream! Our generation’s Woody Allen huddled in a room together with some other generation’s Woody Allen, drinking coffee, maybe eating a sandwich if it was lunchtime, passing on his crowd funding wisdom so that Old Woody Allen might finally be able to make the kind of movies that he wants to make, after all these years. A sweet ending to a life wasted catering to the needs of the Money People. Too good to be true? No. Take it from New Woody Allen, and from The Huffington Post:

Braff said he and Allen were talking about working on a project together on the day the news of the Kickstarter-supported “Garden State” follow-up broke. Allen apparently “didn’t know what anyone was talking about” as the buzz spread. Braff admitted being “a little nervous” around Allen, wanting to keep his explanation “succinct.” But Allen wound up asking a slew of questions about the details of crowd funding, and Braff was able to school the seasoned filmmaker in the rapidly proliferating moviemaking trend.

”A couple of days ago, his assistant emailed me about something and I said to her: ‘P.S. I’ll always remember that I’m the one that explained crowd funding to Woody Allen,'” Braff said during the interview. “And she wrote back: ‘P.S. You explained it too well. He won’t stop talking about it.’”

P.S. STOP FLIRTING AND DO YOUR JOBS. I love “Allen apparently ‘didn’t know what anyone was talking about.'” You don’t have to know, Mr. Allen! Stay out of it! What were his questions, do you think? “Why?” “But, no, I understand, but why you?” “HOW MUCH MONEY?!” I don’t know. I guess I don’t know Woody Allen, maybe he’s into it? Will you donate to his next Kickstarter? (A remake of Annie Hall directed by Zach Braff, here’s hoping?) (“Finally, my vision. The way I always envisioned it.”)