Videogum Summer School Is Back In Session

Most of the shows have had their season finales by now, or even “worse,” their SERIES finales. (Personally, I love when a show ends for good. It means a new show can take its place. The Office was great but it is time for us to move on, give me a break, what are we going to watch The Office for the rest of our lives?!) There are only two episodes of Game of Thrones left this season. Breaking Bad doesn’t return until late summer. It’s time to show a little ingenuity and start making some lists if we’re going to get through this thing. Oh, sure, you could go outside and enjoy the world around you, read a book and jump in a lake and eat some ice cream and enjoy the company of friends. OR you could rewatch old TV shows and catch up on the ones you have missed! As you know, I have been slowly making my way back through The Sopranos, which is the best show that has ever been on television full stop FACT and I will argue with anyone about this who feels up to the challenge of LOSING, and just started season 6A last weekend and the show is still 100% perfect. And if you haven’t watched Top of the Lake or Banshee yet, you really should, they are both great. Someone told me to check out Rectify. Have you seen Rectify? Is it good? Let’s watch Rectify. Obviously, Behind the Candelabra this weekend, but that’s just extra credit. Alright, you have your first assignments, but if anyone would like to suggest a syllabus of their own, this is not a real summer school, we can do whatever the hell we want. EXCEPT READ. (Image via Shutterstock.)